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Monday, October 14, 2013

Gari(made from cassava),Shitto(Ghanaian Hot Sauce Condiment) and Sardines

Gari is a dish eaten in West Africa and Cameroon usually eaten with fish and some type of sauce. Popular in Ghana and neighboring countries in Western Africa, Gari (Garri, Gali) is made from the tubers of the cassava plant. It is a starchy carbohydrate, used in the same manner as Rice and Couscous(though gari requires no additional cooking when it is eaten, it only needs to be moistened).
Traditionally gari is made at home: cassava tubers are first cleaned, peeled, and soaked in water, they are then grated, and the resulting mass is packed into cotton sacks, topped with weights to squeeze out the water, and allowed to partially dry and ferment for a few days. The grated cassava is then spread out to dry in the sun, pressed through a sieve, and dry-fried in shallow pans until it is completely cooked and free of moisture, and viola! -- gari. The finished gari can be stored until needed. Today, many people in (and out of) Africa use packaged commercially-manufactured gari that is sold in shops and markets.