Obsession. There is no other way to describe the way I feel about these nuts. These hot nuts. Look, I'm not proud that I am officially obsessed with hot nuts. I love a good innuendo and nothing makes me dirty giggle more than talking about how much I love the taste of these hot nuts in my mouth. But, make these just once, and you too, will want these hot nuts in your mouth all the time. <snicker>

I first heard about this recipe on the Food Network show, "The Best Thing I Ever Ate," when Giada DeLaurentiis and her blinding white teeth (yes, Giada, I see your teeth, please put at least half of them away behind your lips) and her heaving bosom (yes, Giada, I see your boobs, please put at least half of them away behind a shirt), slobbered on and on about these hot nuts that are served at Happy Hour at the Union Square Cafe in New York.