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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tips for Creating a Romantic Valentine's Table by Becki Rizzuti

Now that you have recipes for the Valentine's Day meal, here are some romantic tablescape ideas to make the amorous atmosphere perfect.
Setting up a romantic table with roses and gifts will help get your February 14th off to a good start!
Men and women alike want to be charmed this Valentine's Day, so whether you're planning a beautiful date for your husband or for your wife, try to plan something that will make a beautiful and memorable occasion. The key to romance is to make sure that your setting is designed not for a group of people, but for the two of you, focusing on something that you and your valentine share with one another and that you both enjoy. If you want to create the most romantic date possible, it all starts with a beautiful setting that will charm him or her!
This hub will help you to put together the components of a beautiful and romantic Valentine's Day table so that your dinner for two will be set against the backdrop of an amazing table and lighting. You will find ideas to help you create a romantic table and place settings for you and your date on February 14th, as well as some suggested items to purchase for your setting this year.
Make 2014 the most memorable Valentine's Day yet!

Start with Romantic Colors

Nothing creates a mood better than romantic lighting. Make sure to turn the lights down low, and if you're looking for a particularly amorous evening, choose shades of pink and red (known as the colors of love and romance) to set the mood for a beautiful dinner and evening with the one you love.
Red is a highly energetic color that will help to keep your date invigorated and ready to move on into the evening. It is also associated with love and lust, and may set the atmosphere of romance between you and your partner. The color red will encourage the desire to act in your partner, enhancing the mood for romantic encounters later on. Combined with pink, associated with a nurturing love, you have a powerful combination for any kind of romantic dinner date that you may have planned for your partner.
Rose petals in red or pink make an excellent addition to any Valentine's Day table.

Consider decorating the space for your date with pink and red colors in order to encourage feelings of love, compassion and well being. If you are hoping for a passionate end to the night, go heavy on the red. If you're hoping to encourage your partner to feel nurtured and loved, use more pink colors in your palette.
The following items come in both red and pink and make excellent options for setting the mood for your romantic Valentine's dinner.
  • Rose Petals - Rose Petals make an amazing and inexpensive addition to your holiday table setting. You can purchase lots of silk rose petals on Amazon or on Ebay for this purpose. I recommend purchasing them in pink and red, with the possible addition of white. Mix the colors together before spreading them.
  • Candles - Candles make for romantic lighting for you and your Valentine this year. I recommend using lots of candles for your Valentine's Day table and making sure that you have them lit at the time the date starts (preferably before your date arrives). See below for more information about scented candles. You may wish to choose a romantic candle holder as well, such as the one suggested to the right
  • Tablecloth and Napkins - You can find romantic table cloths and napkins anywhere you'll find linens sold. I recommend purchasing these in red, or using red with white accents instead of using pink linens for your Valentine's day dinner. Red provides a nice, strong backdrop, particularly if you scatter pink rose petals over its surface!
  • Valentine's Candies - Along with your rose petals, scattering your table with Valentine's Day candies can add to the romance, and it's totally edible! Candies come in all sorts, but chocolate is considered to be an aphrodisiac and therefore would be a wonderful choice. Just remember to make sure that your chocolates are wrapped!
2 lot Heart Bouquet Candle holders, Valentines Day Gift & Decorations

Romantic Scents Add Ambiance

Tastes will differ when it comes to which scents a person finds romantic. Remember in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when the Potions students were introduced to the Amortentia potion? What scents do you find romantic? Hermione found mint toothe paste and fresh-cut grass romantic. Your partner's tastes will differ from yours: They will differ from anyone else in the world. Knowing what he or she finds romantic is critical to building a good atmosphere for your date night, but you may wish to work with the following suggestions:
  • Vanilla
  • Orange
  • Cherry
  • Cinammon
Most of these scents can be found in some form of room freshener, but you may also wish to try adding an extract to a coffee cup and putting it in the oven for an hour prior to your date (at 350 degrees) as this will make the scent permeate the entire house for a minimal cost.

Lighting Sets a Romantic Mood

Make sure that you have plenty of candles on hand for your Valentine's Day date. They are the bread and butter of a romantic setting and you'll want to have enough of them lit and enough backup to keep the atmosphere going for as long as possible. Tea lights are an amazing option for ambiance, but don't rule out using pillar candles as well. A good pillar arrangement provides a good centerpiece for your Valentine's Day table if you'd prefer not to use flowers (and are a good option for women whose boyfriends or husbands aren't eager to receive flowers on Valentine's day).

Romantic Color Chart

Positive Associations
Negative Associations
Passion, Sensuality, Energy, Activity
Fear, Aggression
Love, Security, Nurturing
Low Self Worth
Heart-shaped ornaments or fairy lights can add atmosphere to your Valentine's Day Gathering.


The Place Settings

Make sure to set your table with romantic plates, good silverware and wine glasses. Since this is a Valentine's Day date, you'll want to make sure that you're serving a good wine, or even champaigne (with strawberries!). Using good china with quality wine glasses will make your date feel incredibly special this February 14th.
The champagne flutes suggested to the right would make a beautiful addition to your romantic Valentine's Day table.

Make Your Valentine's Tablescape Personal

The video to the right offers some suggestions for decorating your Valentine's Table. The most important thing is to make sure that you're providing your partner with a personalized experience that shows him how well you know him. Try to make sure to personalize the menu as well as the tablescape and table settings. Cook up something you know that he'll enjoy! Consider choosing options that offer a romantic one-on-one and keep the lights low.
Add your own touches to the Valentine's Day table. If you use a book, video or tutorial for decorating your table, make sure that you also add your own touches to whatever you're doing. Make sure you're using some kind of a "signature" that reflects who you really are as a couple. Take her preferences into consideration and make sure that the menu and decorating reflect not only your tastes, but hers as well.
Valentine's day is about making memories and about sharing past memories with one another as a couple. Do something that will make him laugh, or that will make her cry. Don't forget to look for the perfect gift for your Valentine as well! Awristwatch for your man or a beautiful piece of jewelry for your lady. Make your partner feel special: That's where memories are made.

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