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I don't bother nobody. I'm a real nice girl. Kind of laid back like a dead squirrel. Da ha, da ha, da ha ha ha ha. On a more serious note, I was born in Brooklyn, NY, then after nine years moved to Richmond,VA and lived there for thirty years. Lived in Fayetteville,NC for two and a half years. I lived in Savannah,GA for two years. I'm back in Richmond right now. I'm a recently divorced Christian BBW foodie concerned about human rights, ex-offender re-entry, recovery from all addiction, behavioral health,natural beauty,healthy living,etc. Right now I'm a caregiver,for the elderly,children and those with special needs and I am also trying to become a professional restaurant reviewer and blogger as well as looking for partners,investors & other resources to open a diner in the Bay Area of California or in Savannah Georgia 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Goat Stew with Yams

Sunday, September  29, 2013 I prepared a Ghanaian supper made of boiled yams and a goat meat sauce. I dredged the meat in flour with seasoning salt and cayenne pepper and pan seared it. Then I braised it in a garlicy,oniony tomato sauce seasoned with anchovies,smoked whitefish and salted pollock. I also stewed fresh hand cut tomatoes,jalapeno peppers,ginger and onions in the sauce the goat meat braising in. This meal was so tasty and satisfying.
Goat Stew w/Yams @ Homecooked