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I don't bother nobody. I'm a real nice girl. Kind of laid back like a dead squirrel. Da ha, da ha, da ha ha ha ha. On a more serious note, I was born in Brooklyn, NY, then after nine years moved to Richmond,VA and lived there for thirty years. Lived in Fayetteville,NC for two and a half years. I lived in Savannah,GA for two years. I'm back in Richmond right now. I'm a recently divorced Christian BBW foodie concerned about human rights, ex-offender re-entry, recovery from all addiction, behavioral health,natural beauty,healthy living,etc. Right now I'm a caregiver,for the elderly,children and those with special needs and I am also trying to become a professional restaurant reviewer and blogger as well as looking for partners,investors & other resources to open a diner in the Bay Area of California or in Savannah Georgia 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Whole Foods Market 1815 E Victory Dr Savannah, GA 31404 (912) 358-5829

First time today at the Savannah Whole Foods. The blackberry sorbet and the pineapple basil gelato was amazing. The service was on point. The prices on spices for the most part were really good. Wonderful variety of bulk foods available. I will certainly be a frequent customer.
Gelato & Sorbet @ Whole Foods Market